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CyberKongz VX Guardian App

What is it?

The Guardian App lets you lock or unlock your VX Kongz via a secondary Guardian Address.
Locked VX Kongz cannot be transferred and remain safe even if their owner address gets compromised.

This allows you to keep your VX Kongz on a convenient Hot Wallet (Metamask, ...) and add the safety of a Cold Wallet as your Guardian.

What Do I Need?

User Address
This is the address that owns the VX Kongz and can use them on any dApp

Guardian Address (Cold Wallet Recommended)
This is the address that locks/unlocks your VX Kongz from being transfered

How Does It Work?

While connected to your User Address, set a Guardian Address of your choice

While connected to your Guardian Address, you can Lock/Unlock Kongz or even transfer them in case of emergency (if you allowed it from your User Address)

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